City of Milwaukee prepares for weekend winter storm

NOW: City of Milwaukee prepares for weekend winter storm

MILWAUKEE -- (CBS 58) -- With a big winter storm likely slamming the area, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is encouraging people to stay indoors.

"The storm looks to be severe, so relax, stay home, don't travel if you don't have to," Barrett said.

Ahead of the storm, Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works is treating the roads. "All streets are being treated, and will be treated with salt prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement."

DPW has up to 350 pieces of equipment available to clear the city’s 7,000 miles of road.

Depending on how bad conditions get, a snow emergency will be declared and alternate side parking will go into effect.

"Many of the residential streets are very narrow and it’s very difficult to get the streets clear in a very good way," said Jeffrey Polenske, Public Works Commissioner.

City leaders say people should also follow the posted winter parking regulations or they could face fines. The first parking citation will cost $50, the second will cost $100. If a third violation is received, cars will likely get a $150 ticket and possibly be towed.

If a snow emergency is declared, drivers should park on the odd side of the street on Saturday night from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., and on the even side on Sunday.

For more information on the current operation status, click here.

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