City issues $1,500 citation after illegal dumping incident in alley behind St. Matthias Parish

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Department of Neighborhood Services took a report of an illegal dumping incident which happened in an alley behind St. Matthias Parish, located near 92nd and Beloit.

Surveillance video cameras captured a man dumping a mattress and other materials across the alley.

The Department of Neighborhood Services issued a release which said in part, "With the increased use and cost-effectiveness of video surveillance systems, this citation serves as a warning to those looking to harm neighborhoods that illegal dumping suspects will be caught and fined $1,500-$5,000. Residents are asked to continue to be vigilant and pay close attention to illegal dumping occurrences contributing to neighborhood blight. Illegal dumping in the city of Milwaukee is a punishable crime and will not be tolerated in our neighborhoods. Additionally, enforcement and cleanup activities are costly for taxpayers and result in neighborhoods looking unsightly."

Anyone who sees illegal dumping in progress is asked to get a description of the suspects, vehicle make and model, items dumped, location, and date and time. To report incidents, call 414-286-CITY.

If you're looking of a place to dispose of waste the right way, there are two drop-off centers located at 6660 N. Industrial Road and 3879 W. Lincoln Avenue in the city of Milwaukee. 

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