Cities are saving money thanks to lack of snow, private companies are hurting

The lack of snow is a blessing for municipalities who faced budget crunches last year trying to make it through the long harsh winter. This year's lack of snow is a curse to private plow companies. Last year on this day it was minus two and snowy, today, it's 33 with nothing white in sight. Fred Abadi, Waukesha's Public Works Director says a snowfall shortage equals budget bliss.

\"Last year we had to go to council and ask for more salt. This year we'll see how it goes, so far so good,\" says Abadi.Last year, the City of Waukesha spent an extra $250,000. There were already 21 salt operations compared to just six this season.

\"We've got about 6,000 tons of salt so there's no shortage at this time. We have not spent much at this time, so it's really good news for us.\"

On the flip side of the snow shortage, private plow companies are hurting. Bryce Satterfield, Owner of Bryce Landscaping is picking up fall landscaping jobs and hanging lights to make up for the lack of snow.

\"For us, we're priced by the plow and salting for majority of our contracts, so more snow is better for us,\" says Bryce Satterfield. \"I don't have much of a snow dance, I just cross my fingers.\"

Satterfield says diversifying his business is how he's getting by. \"That's why you want to have a good amount of seasonal contracts as well as per the plow so you're good either way.\"

Further proof that there is a war of the wills when it comes to wishing for old man winter's return.

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