Cigarette Causes Deck Fire in Fond du Lac

On Saturday, May 7 at 6:55 PM Fond du Lac Fire Rescue responded to 364 Fourth Street for a fire. When firefighters arrived they found a fire on the 2nd floor deck of a home which extended to the side of the house. The resident of the upper unit was not home.

The fire was quickly extinguished but not before it caused structural damage.   

“We continue to see fires relating to improperly discarded smoking materials left on combustible decking”, said fire chief Peter O’Leary. “Smokers are urged to make sure all smoking materials are extinguished before leaving the area. Fortunately this fire was discovered before it was too late. ”

This is the second fire in less than a month caused by cigarettes which were not properly extinguished, according to a press release from the fire department.

A very alert Joe’s Fox Hut delivery driver noticed the fire and alerted nearby residents who called 911.

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