Chryst-mas comes a week early in Madison

The Badger football team has a new head coach. Athletic director Barry Alvarez introduced Paul Chryst at a press conference Wednesday night in Madison. 

Chryst is a Madison native and played quarterback for the Badgers from 1986-1988. He then served two separate stints as an assistant coach. It was his work as Badger offensive coordinator that lead the University of Pittsburgh to hire Chryst to lead its program in 2011.

Alvarez said Wednesday night; he always keeps a shortlist of potential coaches he could pursue to lead the Badgers, and said Chryst topped that list.

\"I had a lot of choices, and I've always said fit is very important. I don't know where you can find a better fit.\" Alvarez said.

Chryst is done at Pitt, he will not coach the Panthers in their upcoming bowl.

Barry Alvarez will be leading the Badgers out on the field against Auburn in Tampa, and then Chryst will take over when the season ends.

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