Child's Wheelchair Is Damaged When Someone Tries to Steal It

A woman who just moved to the Racine area says someone keeps trying to steal her son's wheelchair and has damaged it, leaving him unable to get around.

A Racine woman says her son's wheelchair was chained up to her house when someone damaged it trying to steal it. Mary Espejo says she's lived in her home about a month and neighbors have reported someone trying to steal it too.

Her 9 year old son Adolfo has cerebral palsy and she says because his chair is now damaged he hasn't been able to move off the couch without being carried everywhere.

Espejo says because someone else damaged the chair insurance won't cover it and she's now left with the out of pocket bill. She said the person who did this is heartless.

Espejo says, "How is someone supposed to see a wheelchair and think I can make money off of this, but you're hurting some little kid that can't even move."

She tells us the person who tried to steal the chair was an older man driving a truck and is asking anyone matching that description near her house on prospect to call police. A special thanks to Racine Uncovered.  

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