Children Urged to Consume Less Added Sugar

There are new suggestions when it comes to the amount of sugar your kids should have. They come from the American Heart Association with the goal of keeping your kids healthy.

The American Heart Association says kids eat 19 tsp or 76g of sugar per day. Under the new suggestions, kids between two and 18 years old should have less than 6 tsp or 25g per day. The American Heart Association means added sugar, not the natural sugars you find in vegetables and fruits.

"It is a big decrease, and I think it's important," said Hanna Misiak, Healthy Living Director with the YMCA of Greater Waukesha County.

She said decreasing it will be a challenge for parents to make sure their kids are getting their recommended amount, but thinks doable.

"Maybe you a snack size candy bar versus the large king size, and other things it might be reducing in the amount that you're eating them," Misiak added.

Parents like Abby Markwyn say it's about watching what you buy at the store.

"At least trying to limit the choices that they have in the house is one practical way to do it, and then just talk to the kids about healthy choices," Markwyn said.

Experts also suggest reading the nutrition labels on the stuff you buy. Those labels do include the amounts of sugar.

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