Chief Flynn Sounding the Alarm About Milwaukee's Homicide Numbers in August

Milwaukee recorded 24 homicides in the month of August, the highest monthly total since the July 1991 gruesome discovery in Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment.

According to Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee’s per-capita homicide rate was significantly higher than Chicago.

There were 24 homicides in August and 93 total homicides for the year so far in Milwaukee.

In Chicago there were 90 homicides and 471 total homicides for the year so far.

“This, as our deployments continue to be reduced by the need to staff two man squads and the hundreds of officers called upon to restore and maintain order in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood. Despite these challenges, our officers have taken over 1,600 guns off the streets in 2016; 211 in August alone,” said a representative for police department.

In an exclusive sit down interview with CBS 58 News on Monday the Chief had this to say:

So far the homicide rate in Milwaukee is higher than the homicide rate for Chicago in August, 2016. All of them or most of them with guns. I think 21 with guns.Almost all with criminal records shot by people also with criminal records. That's my problem."

Alderman Bob Donovan who is on the public safety committee issued a statement:

“Milwaukee recorded 24 homicides in August, according to the Milwaukee Police Department--that's the deadliest month since July 1991, the month Jeffrey Dahmer's victims were discovered.

Further, Milwaukee's August homicide rate was HIGHER than Chicago's! YES, you read that correct.

Yet, there was a group of people protesting against the Common Council's public safety plan at City Hall today in Council chambers, postponing the recognition of two Milwaukee police officers who recused an autistic child earlier this year near Miller Park.

What a sad, sad time for the City of Milwaukee.”

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