Chief Flynn ordered to change Milwaukee Police Department's pursuit policy

NOW: Chief Flynn ordered to change Milwaukee Police Department’s pursuit policy


The Fire and Police Commission has now given Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and his department a direct order to make changes to their pursuit policy.

Chief Flynn changed the policy back in 2010 when four innocent lives were lost during police chases.

In April, Alderman Michael Murphy asked the Fire and Police Commission to look into the policy.

The commission did just that during a meeting on Thursday and they sent a directive to Flynn saying they've received several complaints as well.

It goes on to say there were 71 pursuits last year from January to March, and 836 non-pursuits. In that same time period this year, 27 chases and 1,675 NON-chases.

The Commission is asking Flynn to amend the standard operating procedure by July 27th.

The mayor can overrule this.

We've reached out to Mayor Tom Barrett whose office says they have not reviewed the directive.

No word yet from Chief Flynn.

Stay with CBS 58 News as this story develops. 

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