Charges filed in George Webb Restaurant Murder

MILWAUKEE-Charges were filed Monday in the murder of a cook at the George Webb restaurant on Milwaukee's east side.

Delorean Latrell Bryson, born on 05/16/1985 is charged with the first degree intentional homicide of Reginald T. Evans.

Evans was a 21 year old cook who came to help a waitress remove some unruly customers from the restaurant around 1:45 a.m. December 20, 2013


Oliver D. Kennedy,  born on 09/13/1978, is charged with harboring a felon.


Joycelyn M. Long, born on 11/16/1976, is charged with disorderly conduct


Schalanda Nichole Long, born on 7/10/1981, is charged with disorderly conduct



Here are parts of the criminal complaint. CBS 58 News has chosen to edit some of the explicit language and names of victims and some potential witnesses.


The complaint says a waitress reports a group of \"four people came into the restaurant, one was a black male and three were black females.\"

\"They all appeared to be drunk. Also in the restaurant was a white male named D. M. seated at the counter, along with a group of younger people seated in a booth nearby.

An argument began with D.M. and a second black male who joined the other four people sitting at the table. The man arguing with D.M. was identified as the defendant Delorean Bryson.

 The three black females then began yelling at Mr. Morgan. The victim, Reginald Evans, who was in the kitchen, came out of the kitchen and asked the three black females to calm down. The women began yelling at Reginald Evans “f*** you f*****.”


The defendant and the other black male left the restaurant and came back a short while later.  


The three women were still yelling at Reginald Evans. The defendant then began throwing jelly packs and coffee creamers at D.M.


The defendant picked up a cup of chili as to throw it, and a restaurant employee, M.C., blocked the cup from hitting D.M.


The defendant tried to punch M.C.


Mr. Evans again came out of the kitchen to help them. The defendant began fighting Mr. Evans, and two of the black females who were with the defendant also began fighting with M.C. and Reginald Evans. The females also began fighting with other employees.


These females were identified as Schalanda Long and Loycelyn Long.


Schalanda Long and Joycelyn Long began throwing hot coffee and coffee pots at Reginald Evans and M.C.


Another worker called 911. The defendant left the restaurant with the other black male and as they walked out the door, the defendant stated, “pop the trunk.”


About a minute later the defendant returned. A waitress observed the defendant point a gun at Reginald Evans and fire a shot at Reginald Evans. Mr. Evans held his chest and staggered. Mr. Evans began gasping for air and choking on his blood. The two males and three females involved in the altercation left the restaurant.\"


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