Cedarburg's "Johnson's Gardens" offers advice for sprucing up your holiday plants, trees

NOW: Cedarburg’s “Johnson’s Gardens“ offers advice for sprucing up your holiday plants, trees

CEDARBURG (CBS 58)--You’ve decked the halls. Now you just have to make sure your Christmas tree and plants are looking the best they can for the big holiday itself. The experts at Johnson’s Gardens, just north of Cedarburg, say the trick to caring for a fresh cut tree is making sure you’re at least checking the water everyday. But chances are you’ll have to be a little more proactive.

Educational horticulturist Zannah Crowe says to never let the water go below the cut level. It will reseal again. She says there are products you can add to the water that keep fibers at the base of the tree soft so moisture can be pulled up. There are also products to apply to the needles to seal the moisture in so they won't drop. And as far as poinsettias go, she recommends not overwatering and also making sure they have bright, indirect light to thrive during the season.

Johnson's Gardens is at 8504 Highway 60, just north of downtown Cedarburg. 

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