Cedarburg limits "saving spots" for 4th of July parade

NOW: Cedarburg limits “saving spots“ for 4th of July parade

CEDARBURG, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Have you ever tried to save a spot for a big parade early? Really early? Days before?

Be careful if you try that in Cedarburg. The city just made their "saving spots" rule part of city ordinance.

Cedarburg's 4th of July Parade was featured in Toby Keith's "Made in America" music video. And the popular parade lives up to that caliber with locals.

"It gets more crowded every, every year. It gets insane," said Kim Montonati.

"You have to get here hours before if you even want to watch the parade," said Amy Weeks.

Montonati and Weeks both grew up in Cedarburg, and they go to the parade every year. They have seen all the chairs, rope, signs and chalk used to save spots leading up to the parade.

The rule has been in place since 2002 - people cannot save spots until 7 p.m. the night before the parade.

"The cops patrol and they tell them to move," said Montonati.

Monday night the common council made that ruling official, voting it in as a city ordinance. Per the language of the ordinance, only chairs can be used to save spots. No ropes, signs, flags or chalk or anything of the like will be allowed to save spots.

The issue, of course, happens at lots of parades. Edward Pelican lives in New Berlin and says people were saving seats four to five days in advance, and the city asked to limit to 48 hours.

"It's probably a good idea because it gets a little ridiculous," said Edward Pelican

The reason for putting it in city books is safety. Mayor O'Keefe says if people save spots before the streets shut down for the parade route it becomes hard for pedestrians to use the sidewalk and for cars to park along the streets.

What's the punishment if you do set your chair out earlier?

It's not in writing yet, but the mayor doesn't expect anyone will be fined. He does say any chairs set out early, will likely be held by police until the 5th of July.

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