CBS 58 speaks with Milwaukee couple who suffered gunshot injuries while inside their car at a stop light

A young couple shot as they were driving on the streets of Milwaukee, and they live to tell about it.

The husband and wife speak exclusively with CBS 58 about what they went through, and how their concerned about the uptick in Milwaukee’s gun violence.

\"The window shattered on her side, and we just heard pop pop pop,” said Ryan Wroten.

It was six o'clock in the evening on June 2nd, Ryan Wroten, his wife Kim, and their five month-old son Riley are at the stop light at Fond du Lac and Maxwell.

\"I was shot in the chest and face,” said Ryan Wroten.

\"I was shot here in my jaw, and the bullet went through across my face, landed in left eye,” said Kim Wroten.

Thinking quick on his feet, Ryan drove quickly to 51st street, and took that route straight to the nearest hospital.

Fortunately, his son did not suffer a scratch.

In fact, Riley slept the entire time.

\"He just kind of opened his eyes, and he was looking around like what's going on, and I was like Thank God, untouched,” said Ryan Wroten.

But it's been a long road to recovery for the husband and wife.

\"I had to have plastic surgery,” said Kim Wroten. “They had to remove the bullet out my eye. By the grace of God, I don't have any brain injuries.\"

Ryan has also gone through several surgeries, and he's not out of woods yet.

\"Right now I'm on a lifting restriction,” said Ryan Wroten. “I can't even pick my son up.\"

Police have not made any arrests in the case.

Meanwhile, the city of Milwaukee has been plagued with gun violence, and that has these two hometown people on edge.

\"We don't feel it was targeted or anything like that,” said Ryan Wroten. “It does make you think, where am I at right now? What street am I on? Looking over my shoulder and Milwaukee was never that type of town. But it is that for us now.\"

So far, there have been 89 homicides in the City of Milwaukee in 2015.

During our interview with Ryan Wroten and his wife, the husband said it could have been 91.

Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call the Milwaukee Police Department.

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