CBS 58 Morning News Anchors Break Boards on the Air

CBS 58 Morning News anchors Jessica Tighe and Kate Chappell tried their hands at Taekwondo Friday, breaking boards on live television. 

Teachers from the Northshore ATA Black belt Academy joined the morning crew to talk about the 5th annual Breaking Boards Break-A-Thon. The event is Saturday afternoon at the Urban Ecology Riverside Campus. All proceeds go to the Hunger Task Force.

Participants can pay $1 or donate one can of food to break a plastic board or $2 and two food donations to break a wooden board. Last year, the event raised $1,200 and 350 pounds of food for the Hunger Task Force. 

Organizers say there are boards for all ages, so anyone is encouraged to participate. They also have some advice.

"If you just hit it in the, right in the center, with as much power as you can, it's like butter," said Sara Rieselbach, an ATA instructor.

Another instructor, Judy Krause, agrees, "you just have to believe you can do it."

For more information about the Break-A-Thon, click here.

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