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CBS 58 Investigates the ID Law Debate

Governor Scott Walker will consider a bill stopping counties from issuing local ID cards.

The bill isn't targeting immigrants directly… but advocates say that's exactly what it does.

"It's anti-immigrant… it's racist and the people who are marginalized are the ones who are going to suffer."

An ID bill has sparked large demonstration in Madison last month.

The bill's co-author Joe Sanfelippo said it's anything but anti-immigrant or racist.

"Voces is taking advantage of that national conversation and using it to stir up a local issue here purely for political purposes. And I find it disgusting," Sanfelippo said.

This battle of words ramps up as Governor Walker decides if he'll sign this bill.

A Marquette University Political expert said the bill is meant to stop Milwaukee County from issuing local IDs.

County officials said they would help anyone open a bank account, pick up medication, or a package at the post office.

"The concern against that...is to say that opens the door potentially to fraud and is also going to cost the taxpayers a good deal of money to issue these IDs," said Sanfelippo.

Sanfelippo believes issuing IDs should be up to the state and cities.

"The City of Milwaukee is completely free to issue municipal I-Ds under our bill," said Sanfelippo.

Milwaukee based Voces de la Frontera is fighting hard to kill the bill because they say local IDs would help undocumented immigrants.

""The sanctuary cities bill and SB 533 it's the same thing it makes it a lot easier to for people to find themselves behind bars and then ultimately being deported,” said Sanfelippo. "It's kind of sad in a way too because they're scaring these people to death by telling them that the boogy man is going to come out because of this bill.... and it just isn't true."

Under this bill, local IDs cannot be used as photo ID at polling places and that must be printed on the front of the card.

Also, the cards can't be used to sign up for social services like food stamps.

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