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CBS 58 Exclusive: Hear 911 call made by corrections officer who fired gun in apartment

CBS 58 Exclusive: Hear 911 call made by corrections officer who fired gun in apartment


A Milwaukee County Jail corrections officer is fired after discharging his weapon in his home and lying about it.

CBS 58 News obtained the police reports and the 911 but is not naming the man because he is not formally charged yet.

It happened June 22 just after 7 pm. A man called 911 to say a bullet was shot into his Greenfield apartment.

“Hi, uh, I believe I just had a bullet go through my apartment window,” the man told dispatch.

Calmly, the man, who at the time worked as a corrections officer in the Milwaukee County jail, describes the damage from a bullet that ripped through his apartment and into the hallway.

“There’s a hole in my kitchen table and through the wall,” the man said in the 911 call.

But the 911 caller left out one big detail: the bullet came from his gun.

Greenfield police responded to the apartment building and evacuated residents, trying to figure out where the shot came from.

Eventually, officers questioned the 911 caller's story and he came clean. He says he took his gun out of his holster and as he set it on the kitchen table, it went off.

According to police reports, he told police "he was panicking and does not know why he lied."

A woman, who was in the hallway cleaning at the time, narrowly missed being shot. She told police "she heard a loud bang and saw a chunk of drywall explode near her shins."

She said the man then ran out of his apartment, claiming someone fired a shot, and she said "Are you sure it wasn't you?"

The man was arrested and could face several charges. When CBS 58 called him, he declined to comment on the incident.

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