Caught on Camera: Young man tased in heated confrontation with West Allis Police

WEST ALLIS-- Cell phone video shows a heated exchange between a young man and two West Allis police officers, during the confrontation officers tased the young man.

The video was filmed by his girlfriend-- who can be heard screaming in the background as officers took him to the ground.

The young man spoke exclusively with CBS-58 and asked not to show his face or reveal his name.

\"They just abused their badge basically,\" he said.

He says the confrontation became a blur once officers pushed him to the ground.

\"I didn't punch, I didn't swing, I was just trying to keep them from throwing me face on the ground like they wanted to,\" he said.

CBS-58 showed the video to West Allis Police.

\"Officers are trained to only use force if they have to,\" said Deputy Chief Bob Fletcher, \"and we'll be looking into the circumstances surrounding the video.\"

Deputy Chief Fletcher could not tell us who the officers were or anything regarding the circumstances of this confrontation, but the young man and his family believes what officers did to him-- was excessive.

\"Everybody has their opinion on what's right and what's wrong,\" he said, \"but it's happening everywhere, the way cops are beating on people for no reason.\"  

After the exchange, the young man was given four citations for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia, and an expired license.  He's still waiting on the speeding ticket.


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