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Caught on camera: Waukesha man now charged after Christmas day robbery at gas station

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Waukesha man is in custody, charged with a Christmas day robbery at a gas station.

Surveillance video caught the moment a man broke into the Citgo Gas Station on White Rock Avenue in Waukesha on Christmas night.

"So he broke the window and just hung from the window and grabbed all the stuff from here," said Ejaz Rasool, store owner.

"I can't believe it. This happened and it's a very low crime district," said Brenda Patton, a Citgo customer. 

According to the criminal complaint, 19-year-old Stevie Price left behind a trail of blood after reaching in through the broken glass to steal about $250 worth of cigars.

"That was not the big loss. The big loss was my window and door," said Rasool.

Surveillance footage first shows Price trying to break into the store through a back door by breaking the handle off with a brick. When that attempt failed, Price allegedly went around to the front, smashing the window using that door handle and setting off the alarm,

"So that's why he didn't have enough time to get in," Rasool said.

But that's not all. According to the criminal complaint, Price came back the day after Christmas and tried to force his way in through the back door once again. He was allegedly using a knife to try to break his way in when police spotted him. 

According to the criminal complaint, Price and his roommate returned to the crime scene to look for his keys which he left behind.

Police say they later found 18 packs of cigars at Price's home. he is being charged with one count of burglary and could face up to 12  years in jail.

No word yet on whether his roommate will face any charges.


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