Carroll University students foster 7 HAWS dogs during third annual animal behavior program

NOW: Carroll University students foster 7 HAWS dogs during third annual animal behavior program

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58)-- It's a paw-sitive day at Carroll University as students in the animal behavior program take their foster dogs home for the first time.

The animal behavior program at Carroll University matches seven students with seven dogs from the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha (HAWS) for the year.

"The first semester, (the students) are coming to the shelter, and then the second semester,  they are getting paired with a dog," HAWS Director of Organizational Development Maggie Tate-Techtmann said.

Students need to apply and be accepted into the program.

"This is Jasper. He's from HAWS. He's 10 months old. He is my foster dog for the next few months," Sophia Nijen said.

Nijen and Jasper have a lot to learn from each other. Sophie is studying to become a dog trainer, and Jasper is learning how to be a good pet.

"We got to get him on schedule. I have 8 a.m. classes. So, we'll be up bright and early playing and training," Nijen said.

For some students, like Katelyn Putvinski, this program isn't their first time training dogs.

"This course is actually the reason I came to Carroll," Putvinski said.

She also wants to be a dog trainer after graduation.

The students will train the dogs over the next four months, teaching them skills that will help the dogs get adopted at the end of the program.

"We've had 100 percent placement rate so far," Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior Dr. Amanda Lee said.

Lee said the program has grown since it started three years ago. The first year had four dogs, the second had five, and this year it's up to seven dogs.

Training a dog can be "ruff" at times. So, the course has one big requirement.

"Patience is really key to success," Lee said.

The real treat won't be the grade at the end of the semester, but rather the smiles when these good boys and good girls find forever homes.

"The experience and the fact that I was able to put a well-behaved dog out into society and make someone's dream come true," Nijen said.

Everything the dog needs is provided. Hound and Gatos donated all of the food for the program.

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