Carmen High School senior has car stolen while in class

NOW: Carmen High School senior has car stolen while in class

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee high school student is in dire straits after his car was stolen while he was in class.

Eduardo Correa’s green Honda CR-V was parked near 32nd and Mitchell outside Carmen High School’s south campus Monday when it disappeared.

"It was a really important part of our life,” Correa said. “We gained a lot of opportunities when we got the car."

The senior used the car to get to his job in Wauwatosa cleaning doctor’s offices.

He says without transportation, he lost the job.

Correa is also at least temporarily cut off from his father, who’s in prison.

“Everything's just gone just because someone decided to steal the car," he said.

Police confirmed they are investigating.

There are no suspects.

Correa’s girlfriend, Anelly Zamudio, shared a post on Facebook showing the car and asking people to keep an eye out.

Here’s the description she shared:


theres a tire in the back has 3 bolts.
Right side mirror broken
Theres a scratch on the car on the left side
It has 1 blue hub cap
Its also bent on the bottom corner of the driver door
Black extra rim and tire

Anyone with information is asked to call Milwaukee Police. 

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