Carmen High School and Pulaski High School to Merge into One Building

Milwaukee Board of School Directors on Thursday night approved a new partnership bringing Pulaski High School and Carmen High School together in one.

The two schools will now spend the remainder of the 2015-16 school year working together in six working groups: administration, academics and programs, stakeholder relations, principal and school relations, student relations, and facilities and operations. The groups will include board members, school and district administrators, teachers, parents, community members and organizations, students and support staff.

After the planning year, the partnership envisions Pulaski and Carmen each having 200 new freshmen for the 2016-17 school year with each school ultimately serving about 800 students.

The administration will bring back in November a comprehensive program plan that details elements of the partnership, including the plan for implementing International Baccalaureate and other programming designed to improve Pulaski High School, including the timeline for implementation of a comprehensive academic revitalization plan in the Casimir Pulaski facility

Carmen's enrollment will be capped at 800 students per year within the Pulaski facility during the duration of its charter contract with MPS

The lease with Carmen at the Pulaski facility will be executed for the duration of its charter contract, but not to exceed the typical five-year term of charter school contract leases

There will be continuous enrollment at all grade levels at Pulaski High School without a phase-out or stoppage of enrollment

The administration will bring back to the Board reports in December and May 2016 on how the partnership is developing, including information on enrollment trends, any changes in space allocations, challenges, and opportunities for further collaboration

The plan will include keeping the Casimir Pulaski campus name

Under the partnership, current Pulaski students will remain on campus; Carmen students at the MPS charter school's two existing school sites will remain at those sites as well.

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