Careful where you trade in your cell phone

New cell phones seem to come out every month but if you're looking to trade up be warned. All across Eastern Wisconsin booths are popping up-- promising to buy your cell phone for cash.

We tried to trade in our android worth about $23 online. It scanned our drivers license, took our picture, analyzed our phone, but instead of giving us money, it said there was no market for our phone and asked us to donate a dollar for conservation instead.

While this cell machine gave us back our phone, The BBB says you should always make sure you are not giving personal information to a company you don't know.

Ran Hoth, BBB President says, \"Wisconsin make sure you've cleaned it and unlocked it properly or it could be more than just money you lose.\"

Many online companies promise you a decent amount of cash, but send back less than promised.

Hoth says, \"They'll give you an excuse that says that phone or that model by the way doesn't qualify and will switch you to a lower price.\"

The BBB president says you could become a victim of a bait and switch.

Hoth says, \"Seller beware in terms of your personal identity and what you're really going to get in terms of a resale price.\"

He says make sure to follow these tips.

\"Log onto the BBB see if we have a report on that company see how they've taken care of their customer claims.\"

It could save you money and your phone.

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