Carbon Monoxide: A Silent Killer in Your Home

The real silent killer, this time of year especially, is carbon monoxide poisoning. Five family members at one south side Milwaukee home had to be hospitalized early Friday morning due to a faulty boiler. But they were the lucky ones. They survived. Many others don't. C-O basically robs your body of oxygen and can kill you in minutes, possibly.

The experts stress having working smoke detectors in addition to having yearly visits from service technicians who can check your furnace, chimney, and vents. We caught up with one serviceman from Capital Heating & Cooling Friday afternoon who made a stop at one Milwaukee home. The furnace appeared to be in working order, but there was no carbon monoxide detector. The family purchased one before we left their house.

For many homes, it's actually a requirement to have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. The experts advise placing them in strategic places in your home, including bedrooms and basements. For carbon monoxide detectors, it's best to keep them 15 feet away from fossil fuel burning appliances. And it's recommended, if possible, to buy carbon monoxide and smoke detectors separately.

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