Car salesman dragged by carjacker at 27th and Hayes in Milwaukee

NOW: Car salesman dragged by carjacker at 27th and Hayes in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A brazen thief steals a car from a Milwaukee dealership just as a couple was about to test drive it. 

That's when one of the salesmen stepped in. 

Vicente Hernandez works at Arandas Auto Sales. He says when he pulled a GMC Terrain up to let a couple test drive it, 15 seconds later someone was driving away with it. 

Surveillance video shows a stolen Honda Odyssey pull up to the dealership at 27th and Hayes. A teenage passenger gets out then get into the GMC Terrain and locks the doors. 

Quick-thinking Hernandez starts pounding on the window and shatters it. He then gets dragged by the vehicle for half a block as the suspect tries to get away. 

Hernandez described what was going through his head while it was all happening. 

"When I started getting dragged by the car, it didn't click in my head to let go. I still felt the need to want to stop them. It wasn't until my feet started dragging through the floor and I couldn't keep up with the pace of the car that I decided to let go because it wasn't going to end good," said Hernandez. 

The car salesman then went back to the dealership and got in a vehicle and started to pursue the stolen vehicle but stopped when he didn't think it was safe anymore. 

The dealership is now offering a $1,000 reward for any information. 

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