Canine flu in Wisconsin

The highly contagious canine flu is in Wisconsin.

There is one confirmed case in Madison.

More than 1,000 pets have been sickened and five have died in Chicago.

There is an annual vaccine that cost around $100 and is said to be highly effective.

Vets are understandably concerned and have been flooded with concerned dog owners questions and visits.

\"It's concern for me not just because of the animals I see, but we can have animal saying hello in the waiting room and they could be incubating and no one would know it,\" said Dr. Judith Schwartz of the Humane Society.

Other forms of protection include keeping your dog away from other dogs, especially at dog parks.

Be sure to disinfect often. 

The germs won't make people sick but live on clothing and surfaces for up to 24 hours.

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