Campers arrive early to stake claim for lakefront fireworks show

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- People have already set up their tents and saved their spots along the Milwaukee lakefront for Wednesday's fireworks.

The tradition dates back more than 50 years. 

Rick Wischer says he's been camping out for the fireworks show for ten of those years.

"I came down here Sunday night to reserve my area, and we got down here at 8 o'clock this morning," Wischer said.

He's expecting about 60 people to be part of his campsite by the time the first rocket goes up Wednesday night, and he'll be cooking a big batch of food for all of them.

"You have to," he said. "It's just not with friends and family, it's meet new neighbors and new friends. It's just a fun time."

Without being prompted, Wischer thanked the sponsoring partners for Wednesday's fireworks show, including American Family Insurance, the Brewers, Christian Yelich and T&M Partners.

The fireworks display begins at Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. at Veterans Park.

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