Cameras still banned from Wisconsin polling places

MADISON -- You couldn't take pictures inside the polling place before, and you still won't be able to.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">The Government Accountability Board voted to keep cameras out of the polling place for upcoming primary election which is just about three weeks away.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"Do some pilot testing with a simple tape measure in some of these areas that are having problems. Let's see what some of these cameras are capable of viewing.\" said Rock County Clerk, Lori Stottler.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">The GAB heard public opinion on whether cameras should be allowed in polling places, allowing election observers to get as close as three feet from the voter.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"Whenever you have a stranger taking a picture of you, you wonder what's going on there and why they're doing that.\" said Andrea Kaminski, director of the League of Women Voters Wisconsin.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">Some fear cameras may simply mean fewer people will vote.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"For a new voter, I think it opens up that door for a much more intimidating environment.\" said Greg Jones from the Wisconsin NAACP.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">The State Legislature could still step in and write a bill to allow cameras in the polling place, but would need a special session to get that done in time for this year's primary or general election.

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