Business owners in Cedarburg asking for more security cameras

NOW: Business owners in Cedarburg asking for more security cameras

CEDARBURG, Wis. (CBS 58) – Recent crime has one Ozaukee County community considering surveillance cameras downtown.

It’s being pushed by a group of Cedarburg business owners who believe the cameras will make a difference.

It’s something that area business owners have been in talks over last year but after a rash of burglaries. They say security cameras are a must.

The proposal from business owners is called “Eyes on the Avenue.”

Business owners want dozens of security cameras to be placed outside of storefronts at four intersections along Washington Avenue in historic downtown Cedarburg.

The proposal would cost the city around $90,000. Police say there were four burglaries downtown back in February, with no arrests made yet.

In those cases, they say security cameras would have been helpful.

So far, most business owners are on board with the plan and hope it gets approved.

“It’s time to give our police department an extra tool. I look at it like we’re buying them an extra couple of police cars. I think to the average person coming downtown, this would be a great benefit to know that they’re safer,” says Pat Niles, owner of Downtown Dough.

The group still has to present more details on the plan to the common council and from there, a decision on whether it will move forward will happen later in the fall.

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