Bus App Allows You To Stay Inside Longer

With the below zero temperatures, waiting for a bus can put you at a risk of frostbite, especially if you don't plan the timing of your ride. That's why a UW Parkside in Racine came up with a bus app that could keep the wait time to a minimum.

Here's how the app works,you scan the bus stop with the app and it tells you when the next bus is coming. It even tells you if there's a shelter nearby with a bus coming even sooner.

Students and faculty in the Computer Science Department at UW Parkside came up with the app. About 30 students helped develop it. In the past, riders used to have to call the dispatch number to find out when the next bus was coming. But recently Racine Transit agreed to launch the app students developed, just in time for the cold weather.

It tells each rider the bus schedule, closest stops, and helps them figure out when the next bus is coming if they missed the bus. All of this helps people to plan their route better and spend as little time in the cold as humanly possible.

Derek Riley says, "They can also find stops near them. They can see a map with pin point locations with the closest locations so they may discover a spot they didn't even know about."

There's more good news, the app is going to get an upgrade, the app will be in real time, so you'll know the exact minute your bus will get there. 

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