Burke responds to "dodging Obama" criticism

(MILWAUKEE) - With President Obama in town on Labor Day, gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke shied away from cameras.  Today she was back in front of those cameras, and firing back at critics.


The only candidate for governor to appear on camera with President Obama on Labor Day was Republican Scott Walker.  The Wisconsin GOP quickly took to social media, and later released a statement accusing Burke of \"dodging\" the President.


Speaking to the media after a question-and-answer session with the Milwaukee Women's Network, Burke said protocol dictated that she stay out of the spotlight. \"It was an official White House event, not a campaign event, so there's no role for campaigning candidates at that,\" Burke said.

Some analysts claim that the real reason Burke avoided being photographed with Mr. Obama is that those photos or video clips would be the star of countless negative political ads between now and election day.  What political insiders call \"bad optics\" is a powerful reason to shun someone with low approval ratings-- President Obama's sit at less than 50-percent in Wisconsin according to the latest Marquette Law School poll.

Burke said she has invited the President back for a campaign stop before the November election.      

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