Bucks, SC Johnson join for new recycling initiative at Fiserv Forum & Bucks District

NOW: Bucks, SC Johnson join for new recycling initiative at Fiserv Forum & Bucks District

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Bucks and SC Johnson announced Wednesday, May 12, that they are partnering to make Fiserv Forum and the Deer District more sustainable and clean.

They plan to turn one million of their new co-branded plastic cups, used annually, into future Scrubbing Bubbles bottles.

“I think like most large companies that contribute a lot of waste, like we’ve had a recycling program. This accelerates it, puts discipline to it," said Milwaukee Bucks & Fiserv Forum President Peter Feigin.

According to SC Johnson, for every one million plastic cups they can make 500-thousand Scrubbing Bubbles bottles.

Starting next Bucks season, the cups will be used for all events, and then be recycled and reused.

“According to the EPA only 8% of plastic waste is recyclable leaving a whopping 92% percent of plastic waste here that ends up in various forms in our food chain, in our water ways and indeed in the air we breathe. And at SC Johnson, we’re not good with that," said SC Johnson Chief Communications Officer Alan VanderMolen.

Fans will also see co-branded recycling bins all around Fiserv and the Deer District.

Feigin talked about how they’ll promote the new initiative to fans and guests.

“I think it’s everything from app notifications to at the concessions, to at the receptacles. It’s the more you know. So I think it’s behavior change," said Feigin.

Wednesday, the Bucks also announced SC Johnson as the official sustainability, disinfectant and commercial cleaning partner of the team.

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