Bucks look for superfans, hope to boost morale

In a way to sort of christen a new era Bucks coach Jason Kidd called out all superfans, giving them season tickets and a special section in the arena if they could prove their loyalty…and they did from head to toe .A

fan, all “bucked out” in team colors, and a fully painted face expressed his excitement, \"always been a bucks fan, always will be a bucks fan,\" he said.

But it may not have drummed up as much support as they'd like. They called for 100 of the biggest fans for a contest, only about 80 showed up.

Support is needed, after finishing with the worst record in the NBA last year, the Bucks are riding on major backing from the community. While Kidd and rookie Jabari Parker are bringing excitement, Fans like Miguel Browne worry if it's enough.

\"We could be losing the team, you don't know, if we don't put up the money by 2017, this could be gone,” Browne said. He added, \"It's important to our culture, it's more than just putting in money it's about the city as a whole.\"

To show the team's commitment to Milwaukee, they've amped up public appearances and teamed up with local bars and restaurants starting the bucks bar network. Local pubs like Jackson's Blue Ribbon will now be an official fan spot on game nights.

Manager Joe Musha hopes it makes a difference. \"This town, this city will really rally behind and support a team and we want to support the team, the bucks have been a great part of Milwaukee for a long time.\" 15:51-16:01


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