Brush fires in Waukesha Co. spur safety reminders

NOW: Brush fires in Waukesha Co. spur safety reminders

Four brush fires in Waukesha County Sunday are spurring fire departments to remind people how to burn yard waste safely.

Experts say many grass and brush fires are preventable.

It's an especially important issue right now, as warming temperatures create more of a fire risk, and Milwaukee and its surrounding areas haven't seen precipitation for nearly three weeks.

Lt. Chuck Roberts with the Village of Eagle Fire Department says people tend to push the envelope and think what they're doing is controlled, when things can easily get out of hand.

"People want to get out, do some burning of their yard waste but when the wind's above ten miles an hour, you should not be burning," Roberts said.

He recommends having a water source nearby when burning, as well as keep the piles small so embers can't float away.

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