Brownstone Social Club pays tribute to employee killed in triple shooting as it reopens to public

NOW: Brownstone Social Club pays tribute to employee killed in triple shooting as it reopens to public

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Brownstone Social Lounge reopened its doors Tuesday, March 15. 

It's been a little over a month since a triple shooting left one of its beloved workers dead. 

The gunman's been identified, but not located.

Regulars call this their "Regal Beagle." They're like a family, so it's been a difficult month. But they rallied together with staff, and doors are open once again. 

The regulars were the first to walk in right at 4 p.m. to support each other. 

"So they did a soft open on Sunday and you just come in and like -- wow!" said regular Malina Young. 

The Brownstone Social Lounge is completely remodeled to remember Krystal Tucker.

"She always took care of us and was always the sweetest of all time," said regular Virnita Butler. 

"One of the hardest things for me was to reopen," said Corey Smith, owner of Brownstone Social Lounge.

Smith held a staff meeting earlier this year and sought input. He wanted to remodel the place and Krystal voted for the color blue. 

"We changed all of our furniture. So all of our furniture now is blue. This used to be all high-top tables here. We took out the high-top tables," said Smith.

The paintings on the wall are also new, and there's a theme -- to honor women. 

"The worst feeling in the world is to know that you built something and someone lost their life, and then someone as close as Krystal was to myself, it was very, very, very devastating," said Smith.

Guests were asked to wear blue to the grand reopening and they did not disappoint.

"I just feel like everybody needs to come together, put the guns down, stop the violence," said regular Fab Norwood.

The Brownstone caters to an older crowd. The night of the shooting, you had to be at least 27 to enter.

The alleged gunman, Jordan Tate, is 25. Police say he shot Tucker at the hostess stand and left two men wounded.

"She didn't work at the door because she needed to, she worked at the door because she wanted to. She loved the folks that came in and I'm sure she's gonna be missed by many," Smith said.

The owner hopes Jordan Tate turns himself in, but if not, he hopes someone else will tell police where he's hiding out. 

The lounge is putting up a $10,000 reward in the case. 

They'll also have a veteran Milwaukee police officer guarding the front door now.

After 8 p.m., Smith says the Brownstone's new age requirement is 30.

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