Brown Deer HS football player says he was called racial slur by Cudahy opponent

NOW: Brown Deer HS football player says he was called racial slur by Cudahy opponent

CUDAHY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Local high school football players say they feel disrespected after hearing an opponent use a racial slur on the field. 

On September 27, Brown Deer played against Cudahy on their field. Brown Deer football players say a student on Cudahy's team called their quarterback the N-word. 

Brown Deer players say they heard it loud and clear. 

Colette Petitt says she was shocked after she heard a white Cudahy football player call her adopted son, Noah, the N-word.

"I cannot believe that someone who doesn't even know him can look at him and call him such an offensive term without even knowing him," she said. "We're all human beings, and there's absolutely no reason why during a game someone should be called the N-word."

Noah says he lost his cool after he heard the Cudahy player call him that name.

"I'm already upset about the sack, and then he says that, and I kind of just blow up more than I should of, you know," said Noah. "I've been hearing it all game."

While his teammates admit there's trash talk between football players, they say the Cudahy player crossed a line.

"Gonna have some trash talk, that's just what comes with the sport, but with like racial slurs like that, you know, that should be something that shouldn't be on the field,' said Noah's teammate. 

Cudahy School District officials say that type of behavior will not be tolerated. The Cudahy football team and parents were questioned, but in a statement, district officials said:

"When the investigation was finally concluded, we could not corroborate the comment, and therefore we could not pursue disciplinary action."

Even with no disciplinary action taken, the district hopes to implement ways to teach their students about acceptance.

"We are looking into further education for our kids, because if there's that attitude out there in our student body, we want to change that," said Cudahy School District Board President Crystal Silkwood. 

Pettit says Cudahy and Brown Deer faced off again on Monday to finish the second half of their game. The student who allegedly used the racial slur was still on the team and playing.

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