Brown County Sheriff's Office Searching for Suspects Involved in "Quick Change" Scams

BROWN COUNTY - The Brown County Sheriff's Office is asking the public for help in identifying multiple individuals involved in "quick change" scams.

The first one happened on February 14th. Several individuals entered a Walmart in the Village of Bellevue. A female wearing a white jacket requested change from the cashier after her transaction was complete. The female went back and forth exchanging money with the cashier until the female got $67.77 extra from doing what is referred to as a "quick change" scam. The woman in the white coat then fled the area with the other two individuals pictured below.


On March 13th, two male subjects were also involved in a "quick change" cash scam. The males attempted multiple registers until they were able to convince a cashier to make change. Confusion tactics were used to obtain approximately $350.00 in cash.

Walmart Asset Protection stated that there have been incidents similar to this that have been occurring throughout the state, leading to the belief that the individuals involved may not have been from the local area. Walmart Asset Protection has also advised that other Walmarts throughout the state may be targeted.

If you know who these individuals are or if you have any additional information, you're asked to call The Brown County Sheriff's Office at 920-621-4916.

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