Brother of man killed by Milwaukee Police vows to "shut it down"

 The tone of protests took a noted shift Friday night after supporters of Dontre Hamilton clashed with law enforcement and claim they were \"jumped on\" by officers.

Hamilton is the 31 year old mentally ill man who was shot dead during a struggle with now fired officer Christopher Manney.

The family has grown impatient that eight months later there is still not a decision on whether Manney, who was fired for not following police procedure, will be criminally charged.

In the past, demonstrators have blocked streets but usually dispersed after a certain time frame.

On Friday when they moved onto the I-43 near Walnut, there were some forceful take downs by officers.

Milwaukee police said via social media that the demonstrators did not cooperate.

\"Disappointed our continued efforts to work w/ Hamilton family to ensure safe demonstrations went ignored requiring law enforcement action.\"

That was the statement on the MPD twitter account.

Dontre's brother Nate told CBS 58 News that, \"The police can't communicate. The Sheriff's Department told us to leave and then police just started jumping on people.\"

Demonstration organizers also claim that Dontre's mother Maria was tackled by law enforcement.

CBS 58's Sachelle Saunders marched with a large contingent of protesters from the interstate to the Police Administration Building.

Maria was there smiling and receiving hugs from supporters. She would not elaborate on her encounter on the interstate.  

Coalition for Justice claims that as many as 40, possibly 50, people were arrested.

Officers on foot and horseback stood at attention outside the PAB as demonstrators chanted and waited to see if those who were arrested would be brought downtown.

Nate Hamilton told the crow that \"If an indictment come down that we don't like we will shut it down!\" 

Later Hamilton would tell CBS 58 News that disruption does not mean violence. He said he doesn't understand how any city business can go on, if there is no justice for his brother because that means other minorities are also at risk.

\"We haven't tore up anything,\" declared Hamilton. \"We want justice. Not just for my family but for the community. I'm not the only one out here.\"

Hamilton was camped outside the Municipal Court Building with dozens of others protesters waiting for the release of more than 70 colleagues who were arrested for blocking traffic.

\"We have jobs, we work,\" said Hamilton. \"We're not just terrorizing this community, we're taxpayers and we want justice.\"

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