Brookfield Neighborhood on High Alert after 3 Suspects Burglarize Occupied Home

Three suspects are still on the loose after a break-in at a Brookfield home where they forced a woman into a closet before grabbing jewelry and other items. 

On Friday, September 9 Brookfield police responded to a home on Baythorn Way. A female victim said she was home during a burglary.

Authorities provided CBS 58 News with a sketch of one of the suspects who was described as having an "African-French" accent.

According to a press release, that suspect -along with two others - rang the doorbell multiple times before entering when the victim didn't answer.

When they found her they made her go in a closet until they left, according to a press release.

Leadership in the local Homeowners association say that as part of their upcoming annual association meeting they are going to have a large portion of time dedicated to discussing security issues.

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