Brookfield East Celebrates State Football Championship

Brookfield East High School is celebrating its first football championship in school history. The entire school got together Monday morning to celebrate the team’s big accomplishment.

“It still hasn’t sunk in. I just know it’s incredible though,” senior defensive back Nick Kreul said.

The Spartans won the WIAA Division 2 title game on Friday. They beat the Monona Grove Silver Eagles 42-36 at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.

“It feels really good to set a goal and accomplish that goal, especially your senior year to go out on top,” powerhouse Sam Santiago-Lloyd said.

The school put the players in the spotlight Monday during an energy-packed assembly. It was a chance for the students and staff to say, “Congratulations!”

“It’s just amazing that everyone came out to support us,” Kreul said.

Quarterback Jake Graf hopes the team’s win sends a message to his fellow students.

“It just shows that the hard work will pay off. All the time, blood, sweat, and tears… it pays off. So if you put your heart in it, you can do it,” Graf said.

The football players say they couldn’t have captured the state championship without their coaches. It was Ben Farley’s first year as head coach.

“You couldn’t ask for a better team, a better group of guys to start your first year. It’s been a lot of fun growing up in Brookfield and getting this position and seeing the evolution of Brookfield East football,” Farley said.

CBS 58 Morning News anchor Jessica Tighe led Monday’s assembly. She’s a proud Brookfield East graduate.

"I'm so excited for this team. I remember being a student at Brookfield East and cheering in the stands. It’s a big accomplishment to win the state championship, but winning it for the first time in school history takes it to another level,” Tighe said.

Brookfield East High School also saw success this fall with other sports.

Two athletes went to the WIAA girls cross country meet. Five swimmers competed in the girls state swimming championships. Five tennis players qualified as individuals for the girls state tennis match. The Brookfield East girls tennis team also qualified for state as a team. So did the boys cross country crew.

The high school honored all of these individuals and teams on Monday.

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