"It's a day I can't redo:" Brides and the BBB warn about a Grand Chutes wedding services company

NOW: “It’s a day I can’t redo:“ Brides and the BBB warn about a Grand Chutes wedding services company

APPLETON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Brides in five midwest states have filed 16 complaints with the Better Business Bureau about Grand Chutes wedding services company, "Say I Do Wedding Services."

Some brides say no one showed up, and others say the product they received was not what was promised. 

“It’s sad because it’s a day I can’t redo," said Sheree Wegenke, a bride.

Wegenke hired "Say I Do Wedding Services" for her photography, videography, photo booth, DJ and lighting.

“He took pictures, but they were horrible quality," said Wegenke. 

Wegenke says she never got the full video from her wedding, and the photos were not what she was expecting. 

“Everyone walking down the aisle, none of them were centered. We don’t have any pictures of our ring," said Wegenke. 

Heather Timm also hired "Say I Do Wedding Services" for videography for her November 2017 wedding.

“There's no ceremony, no first look, nothing with my parents," said Timm, a bride.

Timm took the man behind "Say I Do Wedding Services," Scott Sockett to small claims court. He didn't show up and he still hasn't paid her the money.

“It’s been two years out and I am still dealing with this guy," said Timm. 

The Better Business Bureau has received 16 complaints from Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota, totaling almost $26,000. 

“They got an "F" rating with the BBB," said Jim Temmer, Wisconsin BBB. "We got unanswered complaints, and it’s a typical situation for wedding services -- they get in too deep, pay cash up front, and are disappointed with the results."

After seeing multiple complaints, bride-to-be Brandie Schuelke canceled.

“By not showing up at other people's weddings... I can't have that happening, especially with us booking so much with him -- the video, photography, the lighting, that’s a lot to miss from your wedding day," said Schuelke.

She paid him $1,350 for services, but after she canceled he still has not refunded the money. 

If you’re planning a wedding, make sure you do your research and never pay the total all up front.

Scott Socket has not gotten back to the BBB or the brides. CBS 58 also reached out, but is still waiting to hear back. 

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