Brewers players build bikes for kids in the community

NOW: Brewers players build bikes for kids in the community

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- They were building bicycles. Christian Yelich and his teammates were out along the outfield wall this afternoon, on June 24, putting together bikes to donate to COA Youth and Family Services.

This is a project run by the Brewers Community Foundation, and the director says every year, they try to get the players involved in meaningful activities to help people.

They hope this project will have a direct impact on young people.

"What else would a kid want but a nice bike of their own. So we thought about our own childhood, what has been meaningful. Again we focus on recreation. We know these guys some of them ride their bikes to the ballpark, so we thought it would be a good thing to do," said Executive Director of the Brewers Community Foundation Cecelia Gore.

Some of the players looked like they really knew what they were doing. Just be careful guys. If a pitcher has any bicycle grease left on the hands, the umpires might not like it.

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