BrewCity Bruisers Skating into A Decade of Fun, Competition

The Brewcity Bruisers are considered Milwaukee's Rollergirls, and they're certainly in a league of their own. The Brewcity Bruisers are made up of four home teams: the Crazy 8's, Maiden Milwaukee, the Rushin' Rollettes and the Shevil Knevils. These home teams of the league battle against each other throughout the roller derby home season that lasts January through May. An interleague season follows, where the league All-Stars and Battlestars take on derby teams from around the country.

CBS58's Michael Schlesinger joined the girls during the morning show Monday to give people an idea of what these skaters do as they prepare for their next season starting in the beginning of the year.

This coming Saturday, November 7, a boot camp of sorts will take place from 9am to noon for anyone interested in learning the basics. The cost is $10.00.  If you're interested just email [email protected]

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