Breast cancer blood test could predict relapse

British Scientists say they've developed a blood test for breast cancer that could predict a relapse of the disease month before tumors start forming again.

Researchers in London analyzed blood samples from 55 women who fought and won the battle with early stage breast cancer.

Normal imaging can only detect cancerous cells after they've grown. This new specialized blood test can reveal cancer months before a tumor forms.

In 54 of the 55 cases, they were able to predict who would relapse and who would not. 

\"By tracking that we can see whether after surgery there is disease present in that patient,\" explained Professor Mitch Dowsett of the Royal Marsden Institute for Cancer Research. 

The blood test could help doctors stay a step ahead of breast cancer. So, patients can get treatment before the  disease spreads.

A larger study is planned for next year.

Researchers say it could take several years before the test becomes available to patients.

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