Boy hurt in lawn mower accident continues to recover, is now able to eat

NOW: Boy hurt in lawn mower accident continues to recover, is now able to eat

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Some good news from the family of Alex Hook, the 6-year-old Kenosha County boy who is recovering after being hit by debris from a lawn mower while at recess. 

According to Alex's aunt, Hook is now able to eat food and is interacting with his family.

"They are sitting him up in bed now which is great," said Michelle Koertgen, Alex's aunt.

Two weeks after Hook was injured on the playground at Riverview Elementary, Alex is out of intensive care and making progress.

Michelle Koertgen says her six-year-old nephew's recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

"If there's power in prayer. I absolutely believe in this case that was an integral part of his recovery process and I really do believe that," said Koertgen.

His family says he is also undergoing daily physical, occupational, and speech therapy. 

Family says the left side of Hook's brain now has excess fluid that doesn't seem to drain.

Hook and his family is waiting to hear from a neurosurgeon on the next steps. 

Doctors tell the family that another surgery may be needed to implant a cerebral shunt.

For now, Alex is on heavy antibiotics. It's unclear if he can walk, but he's off the ventilator, talking and eating.

"While he had his piece of pizza yesterday he had a team of therapists standing around him and. One of the therapists took the pizza away and oh my gosh, the look that he gave her" said Koertgen.

Koertgen was on the phone with her sister, Alex's mom, when he made his first sound since the accident.

"And he started crying and even though you hate to hear children cry, you know I started crying tears of joy because you know that was the best sound that I had heard in a week and a half," said Koertgen.

Hook's family offered the public their appreciation for the support from the community during his recovery. 

The family plans to put updates on the Facebook page they created, the "Alex Hook Support Page".

A fundraiser for Alex will be held at Bender's Bar and Grill in Silver Lake, Wis. on Oct. 23.

If you'd like to donate to Alex Hook's GoFundMe, CLICK HERE

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