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Body pulled from lagoon at Kosciuszko Park

Investigators are working to identify a male body pulled from a lagoon at Kosciuszko Park.

Officials with the Milwaukee Fire Department say they received a call for a body found just before 8 a.m. Monday at the park near 7th and Lincoln.

Sheriff's deputies roped off a section of the park for about two hours to do their investigation.

The scene caught those who live nearby by surprise. Many say there's not a lot of crime in the area.

Detectives knocked on doors for information, asking people if they heard or saw anything unusual.

Neighbors said there are homeless people who sleep and drink in the park, but don't cause any problems.

Stephanie Colon Morrero walked her daughter to the bus stop like she normally does each morning.

She's saddened by what happened and can only imagine how much worse the situation could have been.

\"A lot of kids in the morning run through this park to go to the school over there and today I didn't see any kids run though the park,\" she said. \"So I guess it was meant to be. It was good because no kids need to see dead bodies or anything.\"

Authorities have not identified the man or released any information explaining what led up to his death.

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