Body found after Janesville man confesses to being a serial killer

JANESVILLE -- A Janesville man arrested after nearly stabbing his roommate to death is now claiming to be a serial killer.

28-year-old Clayton Courtney was covered in mud and blood by the time Janesville police arrested him. The mud on Courtney's face wasn't consistent with the stabbing scene. His friends say Courtney told them about drinking and doing drugs down by the Rock River Bridge. 

When police searched the area around the Rock River Bridge they found a woman's body. Now investigators are working to figure out if Courtney's statements to his friends was a confession.

According to Janesville Police Department Police Chief David Moore, Courtney said, \"I've already killed three people tonight. We are all going to die.\" Chief Moore says Courtney also made threats to harm the unborn child of a female co-tenant.

Investigators have yet to identify the body they found by the Rock River Bridge. They also haven't linked her to Courtney.

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