Body cam video shows Greenfield police stopping home burglary as it's in progress

NOW: Body cam video shows Greenfield police stopping home burglary as it’s in progress

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Greenfield Police stopped a home burglary Wednesday morning as it was in progress on 33rd Street.

Det. Sgt. Scott Zienkiewicz said the burglar wasn't in the house more than five minutes before officers had him surrounded.

No one was home, but the homeowner reacted quickly to what he saw on his Nest security cameras.

"It's becoming more and more commonplace where we're able to catch these individuals in the progress of doing these burglaries," Zienkiewicz said.

The homeowner got an alert when the burglar approached his front door, and he continued to watch as the stranger went around back and slipped inside.

The homeowner immediately called police.

Body camera video shows the burglar's head peek out of an upstairs window and the officer can be heard yelling, "Show me your hands!"

The officer kept the suspect in place until colleagues could take him from inside.

"I was shocked," said James Davidson, a neighbor. "We don't have much going on around here. It's alarming."

Not only do police say real-time security can make all the difference in investigations, but mothers who live on the street stress the peace of mind it can give.

"[My son] gets home, I can see when he's going inside," said Maria Munoz. "We do have an alarm system as well. So yeah, it's just for precautions."

Davidson says he's planning on investing in a camera of his own now.

The burglary suspect is a 33-year-old man from Milwaukee. He was taken to the county jail.

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