Boarded-up businesses provide canvasses for uplifting art in Kenosha

NOW: Boarded-up businesses provide canvasses for uplifting art in Kenosha

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- In the aftermath of the protests, groups in Kenosha are coming together to send a message of compassion after buildings were boarded up out of fear of more violence and looting. 

Earlier this week, if you drove around Kenosha you would see boarded up windows almost everywhere. You still see that but now they are filled with murals in hopes of sending a positive message to the community. 

"We decided to just come with an idea and invite artists, community, students, families to come help us," said Francisco Loyola, director of Kenosha Creative Space. 

Downtown Kenosha Inc. played a major role mobilizing hundreds of volunteers to board windows up earlier in the week. Now, they are working with Kenosha Creative Space to beautify the area. Organizers say it does more than just that. 

"The art that’s happening here is not only a message, but it’s also therapeutic for the people that, they need to feel that we’re connected here," said Alexandria Binanti, executive director of Downtown Kenosha Inc. 

The them of the project is evident throughout Kenosha: "Love is the Answer." 

Francisco Loyola of Kenosha Creative Space says the art can help the community heal. 

"We need to find a way we can talk to each other and I believe that art is a common language we can use," said Loyola. 

Alexandria Binanti of Downtown Kenosha Inc., echoed that sentiment as the city tries to move forward. 

"It's turned something that was tragic, and is tragic still, and needs so much room for improvement into something that's hopeful,' Binanti said. 

If you would like to donate art supplies, or donate to fund grants to help business owners rebuild, CLICK HERE

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