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Board votes to rename Columbus Park to Indigenous Peoples' Park

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Board of Supervisors voted (13-3) to rename Columbus Park to Indigenous Peoples' Park on Thursday, establishing the first Milwaukee County park honoring Native American communities indigenous to Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

Supervisor Felesia Martin proposed the measure.

“Renaming this park is one small thing we can do to acknowledge and show respect to the indigenous people. Several indigenous groups called Milwaukee County home long before Europeans colonized this area, including the Menominee, Fox, Mascouten, Sauk, Potawatomi, Ojibwe, and Ho-Chunk tribes. By naming this public park "Indigenous Peoples' Park," we are honoring all Native American People, because we want to uphold our community value that all people should be equally respected,” said Supervisor Martin.

Supervisor Martin is working to have signage displaying the new name installed by the second Monday in November, which is recognized as Indigenous People's Day by Milwaukee County.

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JohnGreen 88 days ago
Wow, what a waste of taxpayers money and governments time to address this issue vs so many other issues in Milwaukee. If you want to rename, maybe come up with an indigenous group or person that did something noteworthy so the renaming can actually bring to light why they deserve the park to be named after them. This makes sense and can educate why it was renamed. This is just knee jerk/politically correct nonsense thing.

Chris JohnGreen 53 days ago
This is a war on Western Civilization. The Left does not make monuments but instead tears others down. They are anti-American, anti-free speech, anti-assimilation, anti-Constitution as written, anti-soveriegnty, anti-Founding Fathers, anti-white bigotry and divisive identity politics. The Left is at war with everything western.
The Left has been winning the culture wars for years in schools, universities, entertainment and the media. And it has done nothing but divide us. The multiculturalists swallow every bad culture and bad idea and pretend their ‘tolerance’ is enlightened. This is a war between mulitcultural globalism and Western Civilization. They are incompatable, you are eiither proud American pro-Western or multicultural sappy stupid globalist.
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