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Blame the clouds on the lackluster lunar eclipse in SE Wisconsin

While it was a stellar showing of major proportions elsewhere, the lunar eclipse viewing definitely on the lackluster side thanks to a thin overcast of clouds in southeast Wisconsin. For a time this morning, all the planets aligned.  Actually, the earth was in between the moon and sun.  This created a total lunar eclipse.  But there was more.  It was a super moon because of its closer proximity to earth. It was also a blue moon because it was the second full moon in a month.  The hue appeared reddish because of the earth's shadow.  So hence the word "Super Blue Blood Moon."  And despite the clouds, spirits weren't dampened either for those interested in seeing this rare occurrence.

The next time you can witness something like we saw today will be in 2037.  But there will be another total lunar eclipse next January.  

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